About ExplorePak

Have you ever tried to revisit the place where you have created your memories but you couldn’t go their again because you were stuck in your office work? Have you ever set on the journey but you couldn’t make to the final destination as the roads were steep? There are numerous reasons due to which we somehow can’t go to place even if we have the resources to travel. This is where ExplorePak comes in.

ExplorePak brings the new dimension of Pakistan to the world. ExplorePak believes in taking you the places that you have been planning to visit during your summer break. It aims to have you equipped with the sufficient knowledge of the place beforehand. Moreover, it plans to take you back to the places that you cannot visit again due to your commitments. 

ExplorePak intends to bring the positive side of Pakistan to the world. With that objective in mind, it wants to enlighten its viewers with the potential tourist sites of Pakistan. In the long run, ExplorePak plans to transform itself into a community page where people from all over the world can share their experience of Pakistan. 

Our Team

We are a team of people from different areas sharing thier travel experience in pakistan you could be our team want to join us? Sign  up now to write.